June 9, 2020, 6:17 p.m.

How to Purchase Bitcoin Anonymously

Using a bitcoin mixer is a great way to protect the privacy of your bitcoins once you have acquired them, especially if you purchased them through an exchange account associated with your name. While purchasing at an exchange is sometimes unavoidable, it’s even better if your bitcoins are never directly associated with your name at any point. Bitcoinmixer is here to help by providing useful information to protect the anonymity of your bitcoins at every step, so we've compiled these useful tips for purchasing bitcoin without submitting to the KYC (know your customer) protocols in place on most reputable exchanges. Here's how to buy bitcoins without showing your ID.
Bitcoin ATM
Using a Bitcoin ATM is a great option for acquiring BTC anonymously and simply. You can check your area to see if there is a Bitcoin ATM near you. Some ATMs require ID, registration, or a palm print to make your purchase, but not all of them. If you can find a bitcoin ATM that accepts cash and does not ask for any personal information, this is a simple way to acquire some Bitcoin. Be aware that some ATMs (or their locations) may have active security cameras, so dress accordingly.

Cash/Prepaid Card

You can use an online peer-to-peer exchange to buy Bitcoins directly from someone in your area. Here is a list of exchanges to check out. Depending on the terms of the deal you make ahead of time, you can pay with cash or purchase a prepaid card with cash and use that as a payment. Remember, meeting strangers for cash-based financial transactions comes with some risks, so if you go with this option keep your wits about you. Choose a vendor with an excellent trust rating, bring a friend if possible and always make sure you meet in a public place.


If you already hold other cryptocurrencies, there are platforms that allow you to exchange crypto-to-crypto without providing any details about your identity. Exchanging your holdings to Monero and then to Bitcoin in an anonymous wallet is a great way to start fresh on the blockchain. This is one highly effective way to acquire anonymous bitcoin without leaving the comfort of your home or risking an unpleasant encounter, so if you are holding cryptocurrencies already then this is bitcoinmixer’s recommendation.

Bitcoinmixer values your privacy in every Bitcoin transaction you make, so we provide privacy tips for every stage of the Bitcoin process. For the highest level of security, use a bitcoin mixer when moving your Bitcoin even if you have acquired your Bitcoin anonymously. While all of the methods on this list provide better anonymity than purchasing Bitcoin on a big exchange, none of them are completely foolproof, and each comes with its own advantages and vulnerabilities from a security standpoint. That's why, from a security standpoint, there’s no substitute for a mixer. If you're as serious about your privacy as we are, use multiple safeguards to protect your identity and financial privacy online.