Mix your Bitcoin to protect
your identity on the blockchain.

Easy to Use

Our simple and clean user interface creates a seamless mixing experience from start to finish.

Fast and Reliable

Our dependable service and great transaction speeds set us apart. Never worry about the reliability of a mixing service again.

No Logs

Manually delete your mix as soon as it is complete, or we keep an anonymous record for 7 days to provide client support. All mix data is automatically deleted from our server after 7 days.

How it Works

Bitcoin mixing is using a third party service like bitcoinmixer to break the connection between a wallet address sending coins and the addresses receiving coins. We take coins from all our clients, mix them up, and send completely new coins to the wallet of your choice. Blockchain analysis can only see that you sent coins to an address, and then someone sent coins to another address. The new coins have no association with you or your past transactions. Since the blockchain is always publically available, it is wise to consider how much of your private financial information you give away if you don't take measures to protect your anonymity. If you would prefer to keep the origins of your coins and where you send them private, then mixing your coins is a sensible security precaution.