Frequently Asked Questions

A bitcoin mixer is an anonymity tool. When you send bitcoins to bitcoinmixer, we send you new coins with no connection to your past addresses and transactions. This makes it much harder for blockchain analysis to trace your activities. If you want to ensure that your bitcoin holdings are not connected to your identity, sending it through a bitcoin mixer is an essential ential step to protect your privacy.
A mix can be completed in a matter of minutes, but we recommend using one of our delay options for better security. When there is a delay between your deposit and the payment from the mixer, it is harder to connect the two.
The smallest amount we can mix is 0.0002 BTC. Amounts smaller than this will be treated as donations.
Use your mix ID to check the status of your mix or to restore your mix if your browser crashes after you send your deposit. Always save your mix ID until your mix is complete and you have received your new bitcoins.
We recommend that you manually delete your mix information when you have received your BTC and the session is complete. If you don't delete your mix information, we keep it for seven days to provide customer support if needed.
We charge a service fee of 0.25% plus a transaction fee of 0.000001 BTC per payment address.
Deposits under 20 BTC are mixed after 1 confirmation. Deposits greater than 20 BTC require 6 confirmations to mix.
You can distribute the payment of your mixed BTC to up to five addresses. Choosing to send mixed coins to more than one address increases the anonymity of your mix an makes it harder to connect the BTC you sent the mixer with the coins you received.
Absolutely! The bitcoinmixer support team is at your service if you have questions or encounter a problem. Use our contact form and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.